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Default Continued issues with OS X Display Reset Script

Originally Posted by JakubDabrowski View Post

Thank you for posting on the forum.

May you please verify the below and let me know about the outcome?

Please run this script in the terminal as a command. It will reset display settings and restore display persistence. It should allow to save your screen layout settings.

Perform these actions only with 1 laptop display, do not attach any external monitor.

  1. Download the file:
  2. Run the file (it will give you an information that it is not authorized due to security).
  3. If you see a message related to security Go to Security & Privacy -> General tab, choose: Allow App Store and identified developers.
  4. Next to it you should have a popup message about our display persistence script.
  5. It will open terminal after double-click and ask for the password.
  6. Afterwards reboot your computer.

Thank you for your time and actions.

Kind regards,


Initially this reset script worked well, but it is irritating to have to consistently do it 2-3X a week now. On some occasions it flips the right for left screen on startup and then sometimes it also rearranges the order of the screens and places the two extended displays usually off to the right of the center laptop display. Is there an updated script or other means of making the changes I make to display preferences permanent with Display Link outputs?

Damon Douglass
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