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Originally Posted by assquad View Post
Thanks Alban for quick reply
My docking station is OKX Model U002 which example can be found under below link
Based on description i believe that something i made incorrectly because its should support DisplayLink. Are there any other places where i have to change setting beside Privayc and User setting to them automatically?

I can see that your product title states "MacOS only Support Mirror Mode".
That cannot be a DisplayLink product. Photos in the description also shows all the same content on macOS but different content on Windows.
That is 100% an MST dock.
- "Please ensure your laptop USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Type C port support Display Port Alt Mode": DisplayLink docks don't need that.
- "If your laptop only has USB A port, then it is incompatible with the docking station." DisplayLink use real USB traffic and work on ALL USB connectors.
I am sorry, not amount of setting changes will work here.
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