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Default Flickering monitor . Help needed !

Hi , I have a Mac mini ( late 2014 model ) and I have 2 monitors connected to it already .

- Monitor 1 is connected via the HDMI port in the Mac mini ( 24 inch Benq )
- Monitor 2 is connected via the thunderbolt to HDMI adaptor . ( samsung 49 inch ultra wide monitor )

- Monitor 3 is connected via the USB port( same 24 inch model as mentioned above) Am using a USB to HDMI/VGA adaptor. The issu Iím having is that this monitor keeps experiencing the screen blacking out every few seconds and canít find anything to help me sort this out .

* Also , the monitor that goes ON and OFF doesnít allow me to change screen orientation , is that another issue with Apple ??

Hoping for some real answers .... TIA
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