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Originally Posted by garipat View Post
try to use just your second monitor and check if it is working well. I don't have problem when i extend or duplicate my screen. Only when I use the monitor alone it happens
Mmm not sure why I would do that - I have 3 monitors, 2 driven direct from the PC (one HDMI and one DVI) and the third via the DisplayLink (USB3 to DVI). If I switch off the two main monitors, the third (DL) monitor continues to funciton correctly. If I make it my primary display and reboot, then login (blind, as the login screen doesn't display on my DL monitor), then again the performance is fine. Doesn't really prove anything to be honest unless I start unplugging monitors....(CBA!)

In any case I am happy for now with X11 and have all the functionality I require...we'll see what the new driver is like once its released.
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