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Originally Posted by Cadmia View Post

This colour profile is absolutely excellent, thanks for implementing it. Annoyingly it doesn't seem to be displaying correctly in Google Chrome - a prime example would be that the greys used in the styling on this page appear white in Chrome but close to their correct colour in Safari using macOS Sierra.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and does anyone know of a fix? I use Chrome extensively for work and would find it hard to switch to an alternate browser when using this screen.

EDIT: I've tried disabling hardware acceleration in Google Chrome to no effect. Interestingly the colours correctly show in Google Chrome when switching to this profile for approximately half a second and then switch to white.


That's really weird. I don't use Chrome, so I hadn't noticed. It's the only application I've seen that does it too. They must use some exotic rendering that is even less compatible with Displaylink than other browsers. Displaylink isn't compatible with any kind of direct colour profiling, so my profile is a bit of a hack, but why only Chrome would refuse to use it I don't know.
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