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Default Same Problem and then Some

1. Resume from Sleep can crash the system, computer completely locked (essentially BSOD where you can't see the Blue).
2. Sounds from external speakers stops midway through flash videos.
2b. Then eventually sound crashes completely.

I am starting to wonder whether other items in the OS are starting to get corrupted by all the crashes (e.g. Flash).

I am using a Dell XPS 16 with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670. Displaylink device is a Kensington Dock/USB Hub - with Ethernet, sound, USB devices and Display piped through.
DisplayLink Driver Version: 5.3b2
ATI Driver Version: 8.634 (7/29/09)
1 External Monitor. Screen resolutions are different with laptop Monitor at 1920x1080, and external monitor at 1680x 1050. Extended display desktop stretched over the two displays.

I tried updating the driver with the Drivers on Dell's web site which were newer in release date, but older in version 8.631. But above is what I have according to Device Mgr. Problems are especially frustrated by the fact that every day I disconnect the Kensington Dock once computer is in sleep, and resume without dock, then sleep, and reconnect on following day with computer still in sleep. Then once powered on, complete lockup.
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