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Default Install finished message?

Is there any way DisplayLink can add a message that says "Installation complete" or something similar to the DisplayLink software installer?

I installed 5.4 then 5.5 and both times there was no notification that installation had finished.
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I second this suggestion.

I hate it when installers finish and they don't give any indication that they've finished or successfully installed.
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This could be possible (of course anything is possible with software ) but our product manufacturers tend to like having installers that require as fewer clicks for the end user as possible.

That means that we have not added a "Install complete message". Also, there is the process to install the software and start it running, but the install continues when a device is connected, so its not clear when install it actually "complete".

The best way be being able to tell that the install is complete is to see the Windows desktop background on the screen!


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