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Default Monitors Won't Wake up after sleep with windows 10, remain dark, black.

Since I've upgraded to Windows 10, I've ran into this issue. When my monitors shut off (go dark) from inactivity and I come back to my machine, I come back to unresponsive monitors when my displaylink adapter is used. This happens about ... 50% of the time. They remain dark unable to "wake-up". I know they attempt to "wake" because the power indicator on the monitors change color, but then shut off again because of "no signal detected". Unfortunately, policy forces my monitors to go dark (sleep) after a short time of inactivity, so I am unable to change the power settings to keep my monitors awake all the time. Has anyone else experienced this issue? It appears to be an OS related issue, since when I was on Windows 7, the only time this happened was when I remoted into my machine and then tried logging in normally after. But, I was able to control that by simply remembering when I remoted in and then I knew the next time I used my machine to simply disconnect the displaylink adapter and login. So, for now, I am no longer using my displaylink adapter... Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
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I've had this happen in the past. It just kind of seems to come out of no where too. They way I fixed it in my cases, is by using their tool to completely remove the drivers reboot and then install fresh and then the monitors will work again.
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Could you please be able to collect log files as soon as the failure occurs, please? This is described in my forum signature.
Depending on what is running, there could be many different reasons...
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I have the same problem here. I'm using a HP Port-Replicator with my Notebook.

When I try to wake it up, after Sleep-Mode, both Monitors (Diplay and external monitor) remains black.

It happens after the Update to Windows 10 1607, and DisplayLink Software 8.0 M0. Windows 10 1511 and DisplayLink 7.9 had no problem. An Update to 8.0 M1 did not solve the issue.

Tomorrow, I'll try to create some Debug-Log with your Tool, and send it to you.
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Did you ever find a solution to this issue?
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Default External monitor not working after waking from sleep

Please post the solution. Running Windows 10 v1803 on Dell Inspiron 5559.
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black, dark, sleep, unresponsive, windows 10

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