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Question iMac with M1 CPU and 3x displays with extended screens possible?

I help my church setting up ProPresenter on a brand new iMac with the M1 CPU. The app can present different stuff on various screens.

We would like to connect 3 or even 4 external screens. Are there any products that support extended screens instead of just mirroring the content to all screens?

I read that the M1 processor is limited but that DisplayLink hubs can bypass this limitation through their drivers. Is this correct or how else can I solve our problem? I hope we don't need to buy professional production kit... Thanks for any advice or links to answered questions.
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Dell D6000 will allow you to get at least 3 screens up to 4K resolution. For the fourth you could add a USB to DisplayPort/HDMI dongle that uses DisplayLink as well.

The other option is the new Dell UD22 dock that does up to 4 screens at 4K resolution. I haven't tested this on a MacBook M1 though.
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The Dell UD22 would only get 3 different displays on M1 as there are 2 outputs from DisplayLink technology and the other two are from DisplayPort MST.
The Dell D6000 would also get 3 different displays as there are 2 outputs from DisplayLink technology and the other one is from DisplayPort SST.

You can indeed cascade DisplayLink devices to get up to 4 on macOS. Or you can use a dock like the Targus Dock570 which use the 4-output DL-6910 chipset.
Please note that DisplayLink and Apple Sidecar share the same limit. Therefore if you use an iPad as Sidecar, you only have space left for 3 DisplayLink displays.

Here are products using DisplayLink technology we have tested
Other product exists too from the same and other manufacturers.
Provided they use DisplayLink technology, you can mix and match brands and models.

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Hello, i just bought a UD22 because of the compatibility with DisplayLink. I'm using that in a Mac Air M1.

I did the software installation by DisplayLink site but the DisplayLink software did not recognise the UD22. Can any one tell me what I did wrong?
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Question added question

I would like to add a question to the discussion of the Mac mini with M1; I managed to set up the display link somehow after checking the settings. So ,now I have two screens in use but the Mac toolbar on the bottom side of the screen is only displayed on one screen.
Does anybody know how to change this in two toolbars ( one on each screen) ??
Thanks in advance for a solution !
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Cool Mac Book Pro 13 M1 chip

I have a display link Plug and play. I have downloaded Ventura and I now have start up issues for 2 screens. I am having to shut down and restart to get my 2 screens active. Is this going to be an on going issue, or can it be fixed. HELP
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