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Default 3 Monitors on M1 MBP

I'm not sure what i might be doing wrong but I'm trying to run three monitors on M1 MBP with 13.5.2 and the latest version of DisplayLink.
I was previously running two monitors without issue but am trying to run a third. Here is how i have each connected:

Monitor 1: HDMI port on Mac and connected with HDMI cable to monitor
Monitor 2: USB-C Hub plugged into mac and has a HDMI port on hub. HDMI cable is plugged into that hub and then into monitor
Monitor 3: USB-C hub with HDMI port plugged in and HDMI plugged into monitor. This is the one not working. If i unplug one of the other monitors, the new one works but the other monitor will stop working.
I have tried 3 different connectors. First one was a generic hub, second was a USB-C to HDMI, third was an Anker Hub one that I was told would work with displaylink but it is also not working which has led me here.

I'm not sure i'm doing what i need to with the displaylink software. I installed it and thats it...it's running. But Theres not much in the way of settings for me to adjust or change. Essentially all i can tell is that i have to have it running and it is.

Any info is appreciated.
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