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Default Phantom 3rd Screen

Hello im one of the ICT technicians here at our council
we have over 600 dell d3100 port replicators that use your Disply Link software on differant modelled dell monitors, ever since we moved form desktops to laptops (hot desking) we have been using this kit and software but have on ere occuring fault.

When users move desks they get a phantom 3rd screen even though we only use an exturnal monitor and their laptops to use dual screens

we have tried removing the 3rd screen under screen resolution but it will not delete it, the only way we can get rid of this 3rd screen is to uninstall the intel graphics drivers and also the display link drivers

then install the graphics for the laptops and then install display link again then connect the box and then all is well.

Is there a way to sort his fault please, we are spending around 40mins each time to sort this for our users

we use 32bit and 64bit windows pro 7

Thank you
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Thank you for explaining the issue in details, this is helpful.
What I know is that it's not a problem we know about. The only ghosts monitors I know about is when someone leaves a certain type of plug adapter without connecting a monitor, raising a hotplug without being able to read the monitor identification as there is none.

Would you please reproduce the issue, then collect the logs with our Customer Support Tool (3rd link of my forum signature) and post the zip the tool created along with a screen shot of windows display properties and a photo of your setup?

The log files will tell me to which graphics adapter this ghost is reported attached to: our logs would tell me if we raise an hotplug and also tell me what changed the layout last.

Are you installing the Intel application or only the Intel device driver? They have an add-on application which also modifies layout.

Kind regards,
Alban Rampon
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thank you for your quick replay i will download and next time i will send these logs to you
thank you
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We are also experiencing the same problem with our Window 7 64 bit PC's.

We are running the Dell D6000 docking stations.

I'll run the support tool and get the logs and submit these.
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display link, drivers, graphics, phantom screen

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