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Default high CPU usage caused by SVG animations in Chrome browser


I've recently updated drivers to 3.1.0 and noticed high CPU usage while SVG animations are being played on DisplayLink connected monitor.
Let's take for example Chrome browser "new tab" colored dots animation. It's pretty small, ~11x11mm, yet when the browser is in full screen, CPU usage is going to 14/75/120 [% for Chrome helper, DisplayLinkManager and WindowServer processes respectively].
For comparison, playing full-screen Youtube video takes around 32/60/75.
And Chrome dots on laptop screen are giving 19/25 [% for Chrome helper and WindowServer].

This is on MBA with Sierra 10.12.5. Anyone else experiencing this?
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Hi jerzy,

Unfortunately this is the current behaviour on unaccelerated screens. We've measured very high CPU usage in this use case between Chrome, DisplayLink and macOS
The good news is that the measured CPU goes down to less than a third on High Sierra on Metal compatible systems and our 4.0 alpha driver.

I would not recommend to use macOS beta or our alpha driver on production systems but it looks like a solution is coming.

Kind regards,
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