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Originally Posted by AlbanRampon View Post
Hello natureminded,
Can you give the reference of the display?
if it does charging and also does USB, you might be able to only buy a USB->DVI adapter to add to the monitor via USB2 as it's good enough for 1080p.
Alternatively, you can use a docking station and connect the LG display via DisplayPort to the dock instead of USB-C, like I do with both my LG monitors at home.
At the office, I have a HDMI to DVI cable on one of my Dell monitors, so that's also a possibility via a docking station.

Hi @AlbanRampon -- thanks so much for your response. Yes, my display is an LG HDR DQHD 49" -- exact model is: 49WL95C-WE. To achieve the max output of 5120x1440, afaik, I need the USB-C connection (it does route power to a macbook also when plugged in, however I'm using a mac mini with AC power).

I have an existing USBC dock, that has 2 HDMI ports on it, however it was a cheaper dock off amazon and when both the USB-C cable to the 5K 49" monitor and the dock are plugged in, the monitor connected via HDMI does not turn on / get recognized (likely an M1 related issue, as works fine on my intel based mac).

Would something like this work? Targus USB-C Universal Dual Video 4K Laptop Docking Station or Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station

The Targus one seems nice...could just keep the USB-C right to 1 Thunderbolt port, and the DVI -> HDMI into one of the docks above? (and of course dock connects to mac mini via USB-C)


- Hoping with the 49" 5K to obviously keep the max res of 5120 x 1440 (I think USB-C is required for this, although maybe display port will work also
- The other monitor, is just 1080P, so less picky, would just need to be connected from one of its DVI or VGA in ports

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