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Default Dell D6000 new firmware for dock not waking up on USB-C when rebooting

Hello All.

My current config: M1 Macbook Air / 11.5.2, Dell D6000 / DL driver 1.4.
Good news: after update Dell D6000 firmware to A04 dock makes "white" just after macbook's restart. Need no to turn off/on dock or did manipulation with usb cable.

Direct link to Dell update firmware: https://www.dell.com/support/home/en...-d6000/drivers

Bad news: you still have to use windows machine for update
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Hello Dmitry,

I was replying exactly that on another thread.
The USB-C Power Delivery controller has an update. That's why there was no issue in USB-A mode. We have verified with the manufacturer that the new firmware is indeed intended to fix that issue.

Power cycling the dock after successful flashing will allow the controller to use its new firmware.

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I upgraded the firmware for D6000 with Windows machine and fully power cycled the docking station before I plugged back to MBA M1. Now, I don't have to use USB-C hub between MBA M1 and D6000 - that was my workaround to overcome the issue.

Now, it works great with 3 monitors - 1 HDMI (alt-mode) and 2 DisplayPorts.

Only thing I miss now is display rotation! Once the rotation feature works, I can call it complete.
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Hey Dmitry,

Thanks for this heads up i canít test this out right away but does this new firmware fix usb mouse/keyboard that gets disconnected? Only way is to disconnect/connect power for a couple of times for it to work.
Hope this is also in that same fix
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