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Default Sluggish behaviour of 1.6 on Leopard

Hi All

Late 2010 MBP running two displaylink monitors in addition to a mini-displayport monitor.

No issues at all (preventing dynamic switching using gfxCardStatus)

Until...I start taking my Mac home and connecting it to an external monitor via mini-displayport with no displaylink monitors. Its a wider monitor with better resolution than those at work. How could this be a problem you say?

Its not...until I go back to work. When I connect back up to the three work monitors, all seems fine until you try to drag something onto one of the displaylink monitors. It literally disappears almost fully off the main screen before it starts to appear on the displaylink monitor, rather than a smooth transition. Problem is solved by restoring my mac using an image I created with superduper. But as soon as I connect at home and come back in, the problem resurfaces.

Any ideas where to even start with this one?

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