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Unhappy Signal Not Detected

Our office uses only Dell products, and our monitors have a mix of 2 inputs: VGA & Displayport or DVI & Displayport. None have HDMI.

We are a Windows 10 "current business branch" office, do automatic Microsoft updates are delayed at least 30 days. Displaylink software is updated to the latest version as available. Users have Dell Latitude 55XX laptops 3 years old or less, all with a minimum i5 processor and 8GB of RAM.

We use Dell D1000 and D3000 docks. In EVERY case, ONLY the VGA to VGA or DVI to DVI connections work as expected. Any HDMI or DP to DP feed is NOT seen. To make dual monitors work, the only thing that works is to send the feed (which can come from any of the dock outlets using an adapter to the monitor's VGA or (absent a VGA input) DVI input.

Does anyone know why this is happening. Dell seems clueless!
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Hello Rick,

I'm afraid I don't understand and need to ask questions.

1. The Dell D1000 or Dell D3100 do not have VGA or DVI outputs. How do you do a VGA-VGA or DVI-DVI connection?

2. How do you do an HDMI -> DP connection? This requires an active adapters. DisplayPort++ inludes HDMI signals, but not the other way round. Therefore plugging an DP++ cable is not supposed to work the other way round.

3. When you say "dual monitor", is that total including the machine native, or only connected to the docking station? The Dell D3100 supports 3 active displays at the same time. As your monitors have VGA inputs, they are very low resolution and therefore well below the max spec the Dell D3100 can handle.

It would be helpful if you could explain what you want to achieve. Which display on which output using which type of cable and how many displays.
Then, you can collect the logs files when everything is connected as you want it to work. The last link in my forum signature explains how to get the logs and you can post them here for analysis.

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dataport, dell, dvi, hmdi, vga

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