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Default Tips for a reliable setup

When reading many post on the forum I see many common issues that can be caused by basic mistakes.

I have used and tested a number of docks that use DL technology and they are by no means the same. Reliability comes down the third party manufactures implementation of DL technology. Not all are equal.

Some things to consider when buying a dock.
  • Buy Cheep Buy Twice
  • Get a dock that meets the needs you have dont over complicate
  • Check reviews about the product you choose before purchase
  • Use good quaility cables to conenct the dock to your host device
  • Check power requirements, if the dock comes with its on PSU is it sufficient to drive all the devices, and charge the host
  • Keep operating systems and drivers up to date, avoid "beta" software if you dont want any issues.

I have seen many times people with issues that usual comes down to poor quailty cables or insufficient power. which generally manifests in displays randomly going off and slow and jittery control from mice, keyboards and cameras.

My own setup with the Alogic DX3 Dock has been faultless. The Dell D6000 I used before that was good two but I wanted and extra display hence the change

My dock runs 3 4K displays over Display port
Two USB ports connect to hubs on my displays which then connect to multiple devices

Webcam, Monitor Light Bar, Microphone, Keyboard & Mouse Dongle, Speakers, Headset. So a fair few devices being driven from one dock.

It just works. I credit that too, good quality cables and a good qauility dock, reliability comes at a cost.

So if you are constantly having reliability problems. Check cables, power, dock, Software
MacBook Air 15 M2 Midnight
3x Dell U2723QE 27 4K
Alogic DX3 Dock
DL 1.10.0 Build 117
Sonoma 14.1.1

My Setup
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