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Default Packet loss on Thunderbolt 4 dock when using DL-6950 chipset?

I have a weird issue that only impacts two TB4 docks I have, and not a TB3 dock on a MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro.

When I place a DL-6950 based DisplayLink dock or adapter (both from Pluggable) on a TB4 dock, it causes the dock's internal Ethernet to drop packets every so often. It's perhaps every 5-10 minutes, but I lose packets to the switch I'm plugged into for a few seconds. This causes a lot of issues with video meetings, etc.

This does not happen when the DisplayLink adapter/hub is plugged into the laptop directly, or going through a TB3 dock.

Any configuration of having the DisplayLink device on the bus has the issue, even TB4 dock -> TB4 dock -> TB3 dock (yeah that's a bit crazy, but same issue to the Ethernet on the first dock).

Are there reasons why a TB4 dock could cause this due to the shared USB bandwidth, etc?
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