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Wink Blurry image on not hdpi monitors; Clamshell on Intel; Display rotation on M1.

Hello devs, thank you for you work and for this application
I have couple questions, could you answer please:

1) Could you tell release date for rotate ability in external monitors at M1 Macbook?

On Monterey rotated monitor becomes black

2) Could you tell release date for Clamshell in external monitors at Intel Macbook?

3) Is there ability to fix blurry image on not hdpi monitors?

I use 2 monitors:
- https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-35...rawide-monitor
- https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-27...hd-led-monitor

When I connect them, they have maximum resolution but blurry image. From research I understood that it's because mac has retina with hdpi(~226) and lg monitors haven't it, and mac can't change output to adjust to lg pixel pre inch.
Question : Is there any ability to make it happen, that mac will adjust to lg pixel pre inch?

OS: Big Sur: 11.5

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Its not the monitors but the combination of MACOS and the need for a 3rd party solution to drive multiple monitors on a M1. The request to add hidpi to the displaylink drivers has been outstanding for a year but you can add your votes here. IUgnore the reference to it being added in Displaylink 1.5 beta 2 because that did not happen. The best resolution to this will be if the new M1X mac supports multiple monitors out of the box. Otherwise appears if you want to use 4k monitor and a scaled resolution your stuck with lowres and blurry presentation.
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clamshell, hdpi, rotation

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