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Audio Cafe
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Default DisplayLink 4.1 not working on High Sierra


I've recently added the new 4.1 driver which I believe now works with the new High Sierra operating system for the mac. But for whatever reason it's just not working for me on my Mac Mini.

I can see DisplayLink as a USB utility is working, but the additional screens just don't start up like they did with Sierra.

Can anybody help, or is it just a case of waiting for the next update/driver to be released?

Thanks in advance

Ok, I've since been able to get the screens working by enabling (ALLOW) > System Preferences > Security & Privacy. But if I try to mirror any screens I get logged out to main screen only. Not good.

Any help on how to stop this happening would really be appreciated.

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Looks like you ran into two known issues...

The security settings you mentioned are addressed by DisplayLink here -> https://support.displaylink.com/know...ty-not-enabled and you did a good job resolving it on your own.

The mirroring behavior is due to a bug within macOS, and DisplayLink speaks to that one here -> https://support.displaylink.com/know...-mirror-issues
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Audio Cafe
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Thanks for the links, I've just updated to the most recent High Sierra and the issue still exists, so I suppose I'll have to get my concerns off to Apple.
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Default Yellow Screen on 10.13.3


I just did a fresh install of 10.13.3 and have the yellow screen bug with the visible cursor.

Everything worked perfect under 10.12.

I'm not using mirroring and the driver was granted access in the system preferences.

I'm using two 23" Apple Cinema HD Displays and the Asus MB168B+ on a MacPro 5.1

Best regards,

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