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Default DL6950 wrong Colors (red swapped with blue)


I recently bought the club3d csv-1477 USB-A to dual DP 1.2 Displaylink adapter to attach to my Win 10 Desktop.

The monitor attached to the Displaylink adapter shows wrong colors, red and blue are swapped (see photograph, left is gpu, right is displaylink), green is ok. In screen capture, all colors are good. I tried different monitors and different DP cables. The monitors are HP E242, Dell P2419H.
The colors are correct when the monitor is attached to my gpu.

I tried to adjust the LargeScreenBoostCapable registry setting, but to no avail. I tried different USB ports (all USB3), connected the device to monitor first and then PC, reinstalled the driver at least 4 times.
I am using the latest version of Displaylink Graphics, 10.2.6709.0.

Any ideas?
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Hello Apollo,
It is surprising behaviour, and I don't expect it to be an installation issue.
I recommend you use the last link in my forum signature and report this issue to tech support with the logs attached to your email.
Logs will give insights on what is taking place and what equipment the dev team needs to try and reproduce the problem. Please copy your post in the body of the email as the fact the print screen is correct is important information for the dev team.
Regards, Alban
Alban Rampon
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Where to download the latest DisplayLink drivers
How to clean up a corrupted installation
How to report issues to DisplayLink for a speedy resolution
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While I am awaiting a reply from the dev team I would like to document some success here.

Today the colors were fine

Yesterday evening I adjusted the registry to allow for f.lux (see faq for nightlight/f.lux: FAQ article). That evening the colors were still wrong but the monitor reacted to f.lux.
When I started the PC today (cold boot) the colors were fine, blue was blue and red was red.

I did not restart again today because I am using the monitor for work and didn't want to jinx it, will report back tomorrow if the colors are still ok or not.
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The colors are broken again
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Default Workaround

Unfortunately the displaylink team has not been able to find a solution.

It has been a while, but I think I have found a working solution to my issue. I am documenting it here, maybe someone can get some use out of it.

I have multiple monitors attached to my PC; 4 via gpu (2 DP, 2 HDMI) and one via USB-displaylink Adapter. When turning the PC on (cold boot), all screens are turned off. I wait until the boot procedure is complete and then turn on the displaylink monitor first and wait about 3 seconds (in Windows there is an audible sound when one can enter the password). Then I turn on the other monitors.
After logging into windows (when I get an image on all screens), the colors are displayed correctly on the displaylink screen.
This has now worked consistently for about 2 weeks. I can still get the bad colors by turning on the displaylink monitor too soon, or after the other monitors.
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