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Default MB168B+ problem with thinkpad X220


I've got the same problem as this one:


as soon as i plug it in i get the "new device sound" every 3 seconds... again and again..
sometimes it stops and ive got an USB Display Adapter in Recovery Mode in the device Manager
But it worked twice, the first time, after the driver installing reboot, a little window was showing this is the first time your displayerlink monitor is recognized, we are initializing, and it works.

so next day, it can't work anymore, I Uninstall the driver a lot of times(and use the clean tool), and reinstall it again, suddenly, the initializing window is back, and my monitor can work again.

but today, I tried a lot of times the same steps, but the initializing window doesn't want to see me anymore....

so, I tried the newest driver 7.9M2, and old asus one and autu-Installing one by windows.(If I remember anything, the first time was using auto-installing by windows, the second was using the 7.9M2)

and it's showing in the device manager 3 different things, DisplayLink Display adapter(8080), Asus Mb168B+ and recovery mode.

So, I want to know is there any way to call the initializing window...?
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This sounds like a hardware issue. I would advise returning for a replacement.

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