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Default Dell D6000 issues on M1 Pro

Hello, I've got some problems with my D6000 dock. The setup I'm using right now is as follows:
1x 4K Philips monitor directly connected to my M1 Pro MacBook PRO via HDMI
1x 1080p Philips monitor connected to the D6000 dock via HDMI
Rest of the ports are completely free.
The problem is that everytime I shut down my Mac and turn it back on, the monitor connected to the docking station will not receive any signal until I reconnect it to the dock and switch between sources (HDMI 1 <-> HDMI 2). Is there any fix for this problem? It may not be directly linked to the DisplayLink technology, but I wanted to ask it here first before going to Dell support. I've also updated the firmware on the docking station on a Windows machine.
Many thanks!
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Thumbs up A couple users reporting similar issues

Yea, seeing the same issue on some computer/dock/monitor combinations.

Apple Silicon computer, the displays don't work after a reboot, unless they're unplugged and plugged in again.
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What's the status of the LED on the dock when you reboot and it's not working?
Does the dock stay asleep, or does it wake up?
When the boot with the screen not working and login. If you open the DisplayLink Manager app, do you see any device/monitor recognised?
Finally, we have a tool to get logs that could be connected whilst in error, as it would capture what is "seen" by the computer and the app, and what's not. https://support.displaylink.com/know...rticles/755301

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