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Default Dell UD22 and TESmart HDK202-P23 issue with Macbook Pro M2


So I'm looking for a docking station which handle EDID on HDMI output as my current Dell UD22 has some issues when connected to my KVM...

My setup is:
LG 27GN850B 1440p 144Hz Monitor
LG 27UK850 4k 60HZ Monitor
Macbook pro M2 connected to Dell UD22 via USB-C
Dell UD22 conected to Tesmart KVM HDK202-P23 by HDMI and DP cable
Home PC connected to KVM HDK202-P23 by HDMI and DP cable

The problem is, When switching from Home PC to Macbook, screen connected via HDMI from Dell Dock to KVM does not work (it flickers sometime) but it start to work when I either Hot-plug it or change refresh rate or something, as screen is recognized on macbook but there is no image.
If I connect dock directly to display, it works. I've tested this by changing ports on docks, different hdmi ports on both monitors and it does not matter, it is always affecting DOCK HDMI -> KVM HDMI.
According to HDK202-P23 documentation and support, HDMI support EDID as it work without issue on my Gaming PC. Only Macbook via Dell UD22 have this issue.

I've ordered EDID emulator and Belking Dock for checking this and I maybe order Dell D6000 to check it maybe that model will work but I'm lost...

I've newest version of DisplayLink installed. I did not ugpraded firmware of dell ud22 but after reading the changelog, it would not change anything.

I've tested some other docking station which support DisplayLink but some (like minisopuru) can't handle those 2 monitors with KVM usage (EDID issue, no 60hz on 4k screen etc).

If anyone know some docking station which can support 2x 4k 60hz (or 1440p 144Hz or 120 Hz) and handle EDID, that would be great.
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