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Post Windows 8 is now supported to beta quality by recent DisplayLink Software releases

Hi All,

We're pleased to announce that our regular DisplayLink Software releases, starting from software v6.2 now support Windows 8, to the beta quality.
In particular, v6.3 brings improvements for rendering Metro style applications, apart from many other fixes listed in the release note.

If you have access to Windows 8, using released DisplayLink Software, rather than Windows 8 Preview driver releases available earlier on the forum is recommended.

Our latest software releases are available at http://displaylink.com/support/downloads.php.

If you do find any issues, please describe the issue in as much detail as possible, and also post the debug logs as described here:


This will help us reproduce and investigate the issue.

Apart from notes included in release notes, there are following known issues specific to Windows 8:
  • Failure to resume from hibernate with Windows 8 builds before build 8148. If you have an earlier Windows 8 build you may experience a hang at the splash screen when resuming from hibernate. The solution is to use at least version 8148 of Windows 8.
  • Systems with NVidia graphics and MS supplied driver drop to basic display adapter. The solution is to update your NVidia drivers to the latest provided.
  • Flashing and log-out with DirectX 9 and multiple DisplayLink devices. Some systems with DirectX 9 graphics cards will not work with multiple DisplayLink devices.
  • It may appear as if a primary graphics driver is installed when it actually isnít. The MS Basic Display Driver is loaded when no graphics driver is present Ė but without actually looking in display settings it can appear as if a graphics driver is installed as the system will display at the native resolution. DisplayLink is not compatible with the Basic Display Driver so you will need to install the latest driver for their system through Windows Update / the IHV driver website before you can use DisplayLink software.
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