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Default MacOS High Sierra Resolution Issues

First, I know you've been working hard on High Sierra support. Thank you. It's really getting there.

Second know I am using a Plugable USB-C 4K hub. It does a smashing job, and I am 99% sure this is a display link adapter issue, not their hardware interface.

Third, I know this isn't a monitor issue because I don't experience the same things when directly connected.

I have dual Samsung 4k displays. I love them. Both are plugged into the display port on my plugable interface that runs off a single USB-C cable. BEAUTIFUL.

When I use the default display resolution (3840 x 2160) it works without an issue. The problem is that resolution tends to a bit tiny and my laptop (Macbook Pro 15", touchbar) can't really go up in resolution to match.

So I tried to go down. Every resolution below the default has issues.

2560 x 1440 (low resolution) - Really Blurry, no mouse problems
1920 X 1080 - Looks great. Mouse problems, movements are choppy
1280 x 1080 - Little Blurry, no mouse problems
1080p - Medium blurry, no mouse problems

If you could get 1080p to be clear or 1920x1080 to not have mouse tracking problems I would be OH so happy. This has to be a driver issue. It's rather odd, wouldn't you say?
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Yes retina resolutions are much slower. I am constantly reminded as I have one 4K screen set to 1080p myself.
From our driver point of view this is exactly as the native 4K resolution so we suspect there is something upstream but we have not yet honed in on the problem.

We have seen increased 4K adoption, I'll increase the priority of this. Will have to come after 10.13.4 woes of course.

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I am having a similar issue and figured I would share the details here as well to see if it can benefit.

I am running a 13" MacBook Pro w/ Retina display (Early 2015) using a Targus DOCK160USZ hooked up to an LG UB3467-B monitor. The setup itself I know is working because I have tested the same configuration with windows and I have no issues whatsoever. in addition, when I plug directly into the Mac I am able to attain the max resolution of 2560 x 1080 with no problems whatsoever.

In the interim, I have had to take a couple of steps to help "mitigate" my issues.

First, I went to my local Best Buy and bought a brand new 4KUHD HDMI cable and replaced the HDMI cable I had in place. Second, I lowered the display resolution of my monitor to 1080p.

While this is helping for the moment, I am constantly reminded of the issue by having the vertical black bars on either side of my desktop.

You guys are doing fantastic work and I know you will have the bugs resolved soon, but in the interim, the frustration is certainly there .
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I just wish 1080 wasn't so blurry.

Any progress on 1920 X 1080? It must be something easy. You have much higher resolutions that are smoother.

Can I help beta test any drivers over here?
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Old 04-05-2018, 07:41 PM   #5
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+ 1

I am also hoping this issue will be resolved soon because using a blurry screen is unacceptable.
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Default same problem with blurryness 1366x768

I'm using AOC 15.6" 1366x768 USB Monitor.
I tried all the extra scaled resolution options. None of them work. All are blurry.
I wish we can fix this soon.
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Default same problem with blurryness with 1090p on version 10.13.4

Only gives me the option for 720p or 1080p for DisplayLink AOC monitor. 1080p is better, legible, but still blurry.
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