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Default Safari / Apple TV+ goes black while streaming

While streaming in Apple TV+ or Netflix or Amazon Prime Video in safari, video screen goes black (but audio is working fine).

Interestingly, video screen resumes working fine under these scenarios:
a) Use Chrome browser (for Netflix/Amazon Prime Video)
b) Quit Displayink Manager 1.4.0 (but obviously I cannot use my external monitor).

How do I get the video screen to work with Displayink Manager?

PS I'm on a MacBook Pro with Catalina.
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Unfortunately, Safari is the problem here - so Apple would have to fix it.
Or you can use virtually any other browser and protected content (Netflix/Amazon/etc) will show up without any problem.
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Default Content protected video does not play on Mac while DisplayLink screens are connected"

When DisplayLink screens are connected some protected content in iTunes and other applications may not play.

This is due to the behaviour of the OS X interfaces the DisplayLink driver uses to access graphics content. A side effect of those interfaces is that as soon as one DisplayLink screen is connected, protected content becomes unavailable on all screens.

A workaround is to temporarily disconnect all DisplayLink screens to access protected content.

So - the "workaround" is essentially to stop using your larger external monitors and return to your tiny laptop screen? That pretty much negates the whole purpose of DisplayLink. I'd like to hope that if this is described as a workaround there's a more permanent solution forthcoming.
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Default Safari / Apple TV+ goes black while streaming

This is terrible. Having to turn off the displays to watch video is unacceptable this isn't a workaround. One of the reasons I bought the hardware & software was to do just this. I hope a fix is coming soon.
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