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Default Belkin, no monitor detected


Using a Mac Book Air M1 (Monterey 12.0.1) and two monitors - Samsung C27H71x and Asus PB287Q.

After I upgraded my dock from Belkin Dual Display USB-C Dock to Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock - Plus the DisplayLink 1.5 software says "No monitors detected". I can still use one monitor though since the MacOs seems to find one of the external monitors connected to the dock.

I even tried the new Belkin dock using my old MacBook Pro, still the same result. No monitors detected. My old Mac worked perfectly with the old dock as well.

Any suggestions to solve this is appreciated.

Best regards!
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I think your Thunderbolt dock does not support DisplayLink (no DisplayLink chipset inside).

The MacBook Air M1 only supports one external display, that explains the behaviour of the dock. Your old (Intel) Mac of course supports more external displays. This is explained here: https://www.belkin.com/de/support-ar...icleNum=317939

To get a second external monitor running, you may use DisplayLink, which is available in various docks (but only USB, no Thunderbolt) or as litte USB-adapters.

Have a look at this thread: https://www.displaylink.org/forum/sh...ad.php?t=68010

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Oh no, you are right. I took the DisplayLink support for granted since they have it in the low end version.

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