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Default Known issues with 2.0 driver on OS X 10.8.3

I've been following the discussion of the various issues with the DisplayLink driver and with OS X 10.8. It sounds like things are much better now that the 2.0 driver and the 10.8.3 OS X release are out.

I'm currently running OS X 10.7.5 with the DisplayLink 1.8 driver. I have held off upgrading until all my critical applications are supported on OS X 10.8. DisplayLink support has been the last issue preventing me from upgrading.

The release notes for the 2.0 driver list the following issues:

- Screen not correctly updated after power save.
- Missing or wrong background image.

Could you elaborate on these issues, particularly the first one? "Screen not correctly updated" could mean anything from a few pixels that look wrong to a computer that cannot be used and must be rebooted any time it's allowed to go to sleep. Once I commit to the 10.8.3/2.0 upgrade it's difficult to go back, so I'm reluctant to upgrade until I have some confidence that the system will be reasonably functional post-upgrade.


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