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Default Weird problem that I cant find a solution to.

The setup is 2 monitors and a TV. Everything is running off of the main board (integrated video). The TV is connected via HDMI and is monitor 1. The dual displays are both HP L2206tm. Monitor 2 (main screen) is connected via VGA and Monitor 2 is connected to the Kensington USB3.0 Adapter.

Settings are TV on top in line with main screen (monitor 2) and monitor 3 is to the right lined up with 2. Resolution and all of that is identical on the two HP's. The left shows #2 and the TV shows #1 when I click identify. #3 doesn't show a number at all and this is where things get weird.

#3's wallpaper mirrors #2's (I have it set to extend). I can move my mouse over to #3 with no problem. However, nothing else will display on 3. If I drag a window over it will disappear like it's going to 3 but it won't display.

I've reinstalled the drivers and switched the cables and the problem then reverses. I'm at my wits end on this. Any ideas?
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Hello, weird indeed.
Have you tried forcing a monitor rediscovery by deleting the persistence registry keys?

It would be interesting to know what graphics drivers you use, on which OS, which which DL drivers.

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