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Default Please Help: DisplayLink 2.0 and Mavericks on 2010 MBP Problem

I installed the 2.0 driver on my 2010 MacBook Pro to use with my HP u160 external monitor. After the initial installation and reboot my MacBooks screen is now black and I can't see my desktop. I cannot access any folders to try and uninstall the driver or perform any troubleshooting. The only time I can see my desktop is if I swipe across the mouse pad with 3 fingers to switch my desktop spaces. If any anyone has any advice or input it would be much appreciated!
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I was able to uninstall the driver. Do you guys have any suggestions for me before I try to reinstall the driver so that the same problem does not occur? I'm pretty reluctant to reinstall it now as it took me about 4 hours to get my screen back.

Thanks for any input
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You can reinstall 2.0 and if the problem persists, you can access your machine via SSH (enable it first in System preferences->Sharing) or use single user mode (press cmd-s on boot) to access the system shell and remove the driver.
To remove the main components just do the following:
sudo rm -r /System/Library/Extensions/DisplayLinkDriver.kext
sudo rm /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.displaylink.displaylinkmanager.plist
rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.displaylink.useragent-prelogin.plist
rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.displaylink.useragent.plist

and then
sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions
in order to clear the KEXT cache and reboot :
sudo shutdown -r now
Hope this helps. In case you still see the problem, please report the details of your MBP and the Mavericks seed you are using (posting your system profile would be better). Thanks
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