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Default 2.1b "half screen" freeze

I'm loving the new 2.1b on OSX 10.8.5.

My USB display is 270deg rotated, on a Plugable UGA-2K-A adapter, running at the full 1920x1200px resolution.

Every now and then, with a lot of display activity (e.g. moving between spaces), half of the display will "freeze". It's the RHS side, just after the 1/2 way mark. (Which might mean top-down at 0deg rotation just after 1/2 way down?)

This used to happen on the latest non-beta release as well... was hoping it would be fixed! (Pretty please.)

The only workaround is to unplug the USB adapter and reinsert. That also means I lose all window positioning across all spaces -- yuk.

I've also seen a lot of "moving areas" of the screen image. They "jiggle" until I move a window over it to refresh and clear. Hope that's something that can also be addressed.

Keep up the good work otherwise -- the beta feels oh so much more snappy!

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Thanks for your report. I'm not sure this is a known issue.
Could you please use the debug tool http://www.displaylink.com/support/ticket.php?id=269, grab the logs right after you see the problem and post it here?
I would also help a photo of the frozen screen. Thanks
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Hi Christian,

Can I e-mail the materials somewhere? I've noticed that the debug dump contains some of my computer settings that I'd rather not have public.

I've also got a screenshot, a photo, and a short video, showing the problem.

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