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Default 1.8 Alpha HiDPI


how amazing to finally see "experimental support for 3008x and 2560x HiDPI modes on Apple M1/M2 products". That's so great!!

Just tried it out on my MBP M1 with Dual 4k 0x6000 DisplayLink and a DELL U2718Q Display. Setting the resolution works, but it does not seem to be HiDPI actually.

Comparing the native HiDPI and the DisplayLink shows that the DisplayLink is blurry. (See picture, left is DisplayLink 3008x 1.8 Alpha, right is 3008x native.)

Best regards
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I tried the 1.8 alpha out. Unfortunately I don't have permissions to view the attached jpg, but these are my results:

The experimental 2560 HiDPI resolution is better than a native 2560 (without HiDPI), but still quite far from a true HiDPI display.

The result is very reminiscent of the HiDPI mirroring of the "BetterDisplay" tool (previously BetterDummy). Only with FullScreen streaming BetterDisplay reached (almost) HiDPI quality.

Kind regards
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Post 1.8 Alpha HiDPI

Hi, I meet exactly the same problem with 'phzfn'. The newly introduced HiDPI mode in 1.8 Alpha is not as good as expected. It is blurry compared to the original macOS HiDPI. Hope this issue could be fixed in the following versions.

PS: I am using MacBook Pro M1 2020, with a Dell D6000 dock station, and two Dell U2723QE monitors, tested with dual 4K@60hz.

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Same for me, blurry images, MacBook Pro, Apple M1 Max using a docker with a DL-6950 chip.
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Text is fuzzy on my DisplayLink'd screen in 2560x1440, the 'Enable experimental 3008x and 2560x modes' checkbox does not seem to make a difference.
*I do see the output on the displaylink'd screen being reset (black momentarily) after enabling or disabling, so I assume its trying to apply the new feature.
**It's nice to see the resolution slider for Scale for the Displaylink screen in the macOS Display settings.

my setup:
DisplayLink Manager 1.8.0 Alpha
2020 mbp m1
Monterey 12.6
Plugable UD-6950H Docking Station
dual 4k screens
screen1:thunderbolt directly to mbp
screen2:displayport to displaylink docking station

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