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Default Performance in High Sierra

I just wanted to drop in to say good job on the High Sierra drivers. It's buttery smooth - seems as good as a native display now!
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Agreed! Such a great job guys. Just keeps getting better with each release!
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Mac Team
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Hi All,

Many thanks for your appreciation, however most of the credit goes to Apple.

We've said for many years that most of the woes on macOS were due to the limited OS programming interfaces and it would be unfair to take all the credit now that finally Apple is allowing hardware acceleration on virtual screens.

There are still a few issues, many similar to what you see on eGPU setups, but at last we can do something really good on the platform! Yay!

Thank you again for your continued support and feedback over the years.

Kind regards,
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Thumbs up Solid job guys

I'm a long time user of my DisplayLink adapter for my MacBook Pro 2012 and whilst its had it's issues (laggy Launchpad, artefacts on Safari & Finder) it's always been usable. I just updated to High Sierra and wanted to say how impressed I am by how well the adapter works now, Launchpad is fully responsive and fluid and my connected display performs near identical to a traditional display.

The only thing that I've found a little atypical is that when opening Launchpad the initial background blur does look a tad odd for the first fraction of a second, after that it's exactly as I expected. You guys have done a good job!
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Default I can finally use USB KVM and Monitors on my MacBook Pro!

I've been using a Mac Book Pro, late 2013 version since early 2014 and have really struggled when using any USB display connections. For a while, the majority of apps worked reasonably well, but the performance with Microsoft Office 2016 was sluggish and unbearable for productivity. For the past year, I've avoided any usb multi-display due to the window corruption issues with Sierra.

However, I upgraded to High Sierra and v4 of the DisplayLink drivers and am really impressed with the performance. Thanks for the continuing to work on the OSX drivers and all the improvements on functionality, stability, and performance. Keep it up!!

Thank you!
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