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Question Need to re-plug every time after restarting

I just got a Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD/4K Triple Display Docking Station (D3100).

Everything works fine. However, for some reason, I have to replug and open my laptop every time once I restart my PC (windows 10). If not, both monitors linked to the dock will show nothing but you can tell that there is a signal. Once I open the laptop, it shows nothing neither. I have to plug out the USB 3 cable and then the laptop will show the windows welcome screen. I have to log in and then replug the cable so that both monitors will work.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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Yeah, me too, though I've only rebooted once - I only received the D3100 last Friday and shut it all down over the weekend so it's my first 'boot'. I came here looking to see how to save the setup so I don't have to unplug/plug to get it all back again.

My setup is with three monitors (plus the laptop's):

Dell XPS13 at 1920x1080
D3100 connected via USB-3
BenQ connected via DisplayPort at 2048x1152
2xDell U2417HJ via HDMI at 1920x1080

As far as I can tell, I have two options:

1) leave laptop on all the time and waste electricity
2) wear out the USB plug/port by unplugging/plugging in the D3100 on each reboot

I don't find either of those two options particularly attractive.

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Would you please be able to collect the logs as described in the third link of my forum signature?
This is not supposed to happen.
I understand you may not be able to collect the logs straight away as the screens are blank, but collect them shortly after login/replug as the last events will be captured.
Logs will also tell me which driver you are using.

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Default Need to re-plug monitor

I am having the same issue - this only started about a week ago. The monitors are getting a feed, but they are blank until I unplug the HDMI and then replug it. I use 3 monitors, with one being a laptop.

I am not super tech savvy, so if the solution requires anything more than re-downloading drivers, I will probably need step-by-step instructions.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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dell d3100, laptop, windows10

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