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Default Audio Issues Win 10 and DL-3000 series dock

Hello -

I've had this issue ever since upgrading to Windows 10, and now that we're at the one year anniversary, I figured that was enough time to give all the 3rd parties time to catch up on drivers

Ever since upgrading to Windows 10, I have some strange audio-switching issues where applications seem "confused" about which sound card to use when I'm plugged into my DL-3000 dock.

Example: I open a webpage for streaming audio. The audio (incorrectly) plays out of my laptop speakers for about 1/2 a second, then stops playing. If I refresh the page, or click "pause/play" on the stream a few times, it will eventually start playing on my desktop speakers (which are driven through the DL-3000 dock).

This is especially apparent with Skype for Business. When I go to make a call or I accept an incoming call, sometimes it works fine. BUT sometimes it will say something like "your audio device isn't configured" or something like that. Same as with the online streaming music, if I try the call again it will work on the 2nd or 3rd try.

I bought a brand new HP Pavilion x360 for a family member, and they liked my dock and were curious if the x360 would work with it. We plugged it in, Windows installed the latest drivers, and everything works. But here's the kicker: SAME ISSUE with streaming audio webpages, and Skype!

It's also worth noting that sometimes even Windows itself has issues with selecting the right audio device. Example: when windows pops a notification from Outlook (or really any application) *sometimes* the audio for the notification will randomly come out of the the laptop speakers instead of the desktop speakers. Weird right?

It's also worth noting that it seems like it happens less frequently now than when Windows 10 first came out. Either that or I'm just getting used to it.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Jeff,

Weird indeed. I had a report from another user from a ticket yesterday (but never before).
He attracted my attention to a thread on MS Answers suggesting this is a Windows problem.

In the other report I received, the sound comes out of something else even if the dock is selected and the VU-meter shows the sound playing out of the dock.
That's difficult to see this as an issue with our audio drivers as our drivers cannot claim another interface... That is Windows' job.
Of course, because most people would only have an external sound card with a dock... then the issue is obvious when using one of the millions of devices in the field with our technology embedded.

We could try to write to the memory of other devices, but only if we wished to create a blue screen generator.

Would it be possible for you to flag this up to Microsoft? If we have enough reports from customers, it could help getting this addressed.

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