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Default Windows 11

I have a Plugable USB 3.0 with driver model WDDM 1.3
Will this be upgraded to 2.0.or > soon so as to be compatible
or will there be a new model?
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Hello Haroldcom,

DisplayLink is not a physical GPU and doesn't use that driver model.
DisplayLink driver has been certified (aka WHCP and WHQL) for Windows 10 since Windows 10 has been released.

Current drivers are suitable for Windows 11. You do not require new drivers.

Our next release at the end of August/early September, 10.1 M2, will be the first driver Windows 11 WHQL'd, but that does not affect functionality. Certification is mainly useful for laptop OEMs inboxing DisplayLink driver.

Alban Rampon
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Rick G
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Originally Posted by AlbanRampon View Post

Current drivers are suitable for Windows 11. You do not require new drivers.
Hi Alban,

Thought I'd relay a situation that happened to me earlier today (9/30/21). I'm using a beta release of Windows 11, and yesterday's update contained an update for DisplayLink (10.1.2875.0). As with the original poster I've been using Plugable's USB 3.0 dock to run multiple monitors from my laptop. After yesterday's update I could/can not get the monitors to display anything if the laptop lid is closed. If the laptop lid is open the dock works fine.

I plan to put a post on Plugables forums so the community over there is aware of the problem as well.

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Old 10-18-2021, 05:03 AM   #4
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Also reporting the same.
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Originally Posted by wbvmjx6pp504 View Post
Also reporting the same.
You don't mention which specific issue within this thread you are referring to, however my presumption is that you are referring to the post by 'Rick G' in regard to the behavior when closing the laptop lid.

Presuming for the moment that my understanding is correct, Plugable was able to assist Rick in their support forum --> https://support.plugable.com/t/usb-3...ndows-11/21113

In short, the settings within Windows in regard to what happens when closing the laptop lid had been changed. Once the settings were correct, everything worked as expected.
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Default Buggy

Displaylink's latest driver is really buggy with Windows 11 with pluggable 3900. Since the upgrade, if my laptop was unplugged from the docking station, sometimes I have to power off/on my laptop to get the display recognized again. When the issue is happening, the mouse/key are working through the docking station. Also, displaylink slows down my Surface Book 3 a lot, especially when I am in a Microsoft teams video conference. Is this known issue?
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