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Cool Uninstalled Duet drivers, and...

So, this is interesting. I remembered that I'd installed Duet Display so that I could use my iPad as a second monitor last fall. For laughs, I uninstalled the Duet Display drivers *and* the DisplayLink drivers, disconnected the DisplayLink adaptor, restarted, then re-installed DisplayLink 5.1.1 drivers. Restarted again, plugged in the DisplayLink monitor, and...

Lo and behold, the DisplayLink monitor works correctly now! Not sure if this is a "just me" fix (the sequence of steps/troubleshooting only applies to my situation) or if this is something that might apply to others. Also, I haven't extensively tested it (i.e., haven't unplugged the monitor and plugged it back in, rebooted the laptop, etc.) but it appears there may be hope.

I'm using a Diamond Multimedia USB3 to DisplayPort adaptor with a DisplayLink DL-5500 chipset in it.
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Same issue here. I chatted with ASUS staffs three times, but it has not still resolved... My external monitor seems like receiving a signal, but it's still a black screen. Does anyone have a solution for this issue? This is really inconvenience...

2018 Macbook Pro
macOS Mojave v. 10.14.5
DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for macOS 5.1.1
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Default DVI Port is the problem.

My Displaylink has 1 DVI, and 1 HDMI. If I only used the HDMI everything is fine, but once I connect the DVI, things get flaky. The DVI extends on top of one of the HDMI screens.
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