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Default I have had this issue for about a year

This is great! Just by turning off the displaylink monitor chrome runs netflix properly again. Hope a new driver is in the works to fix this. Thanks!
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I have the same issue. 3 monitors - 1 connected over USB cable with StarTech DisplayLink adapter StarTech USB32DPPRO

When USB Monitor is enabled, Netflix and Amazon both play very choppy - 10-30 sec delay between 10-30 sec playing video. No matter which monitor is used.
When USB monitor is turned off - immediately video playback goes back to normal.

I noticed the main symptom is with high CPU utilization by browser when issue persist.
This issue persists with all 4 browsers I have tried - Chrome/Edge/IE/FireFox, so it is not browser specific.

When I'm using Netflix Windows app - from Microsoft marketplace store - video works just fine. This makes me believe this issue is specific to the video codec/plugin that is used by all browsers. I believe this is probably HTML5 since I have all the latest browsers installed. This will explain why some people doesn't have this issue why using different browsers - as long as those utilizing a different video plugin (different from the one with trouble - not sure which one yet...)

To isolate this, I have tried to completely uninstalling Silverlight and Adobe Flash and disabled Flash in Chrome - this made no difference.
From the other side, when I have Silverlight and Flash installed, I'm not sure how to force the browser to use it instead of HTML5... any browser for that matter...

To summarize - it is browser independent. It happens consistently only when USB DisplayLink monitor is turned on. It drives CPU utilization of the browser. And it doesn't happen while using Netflix dedicated app even with USB DisplayLink monitor enabled.

Can this be an issue with DisplayLink drivers and HTML5?


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