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Question Advice for maximising Windows Embedded Standard 7 success

I understand the DisplayLink drivers are not officially supported on Windows Embedded Standard 7 systems, however I am looking into a project built on WES7 that would benefit from the addition of two USB based external displays (ordinary monitors).

I see from other posts that Alban (Tech Support) is aware of people successfully using certain drivers on WES7.

To maximise my chances of success, I'd like to get more information on which chips give the most stability (anecdotally if not definitively) and the associated drivers.

For example, is VGA output more stable than a digital connection (such as DisplayPort).

I've read that the 7.7 M4 drivers work well on WES7, but I can only find drivers for 7.6M1 on the Windows downloads page. Where please are the 7.7M4 drivers available?

I'm looking at adding two monitors. Should I get a single adapter with dual output, or two independent adaptors and use up two USB ports (which is OK by me)?

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

Richard, Thoric Solutions Ltd.
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Is there anybody that might be able to offer advice please?
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Have you tried the latest driver?
For a while, the issue was the DisplayLinkManager service wasn't starting in time at reboot, but some changes were made in that regard and I don't know if that is still a limitation as we don't test WES.

The output type is not expected to have an impact as it's driven by the chip directly, not the PC.

Similarly, having 2 devices instead of 1 with dual videos is only different if you were to use 2 different USB host controllers: the chip in the device does hardware video decoding so if it's made for 2 heads, it handles 2 heads, and if you have 2 videos on the machine, going to one chip or 2 chips is similar in loads. The difference is USB load, and it's unlikely to be the bottleneck, the machine computing power is more likely to be.

What type of content do you want to display, on what type of machine?

Kind regards,
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Hi Alban,
I've not yet purchased the hardware, I wanted to learn as much as possible about the potential for success before investing, so I haven't tried any drivers yet.

The target is probably going to be a National Instrument Industrial Controller IC-3171:

These are Intel Celeron 1.9 GHz WES7 systems, I'm told the image is very close to full Windows 7 Pro.

The device supports 2 native DisplayPort screens, I wish to add two more to make a total of four portrait mode monitors, each showing a window generated by my own software. The Portrait Mode element is important, and I'm assuming I can configure this within the Windows settings for the DisplayLink devices, and once set it will remain configured as such?
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