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Default Alternating colored bars and traces on Ububtu 16.04 with DL v1.2.65

I am running Ubuntu 16.04 on an HP G72 laptop with an AOC e1649wu USB monitor as a secondary monitor. This is a relatively fresh vanilla installation of Ubuntu.

Prior to wiping and reinstalling Ubuntu I was running the 1.1.68 driver release, which worked fine except that the USB monitor would not come back on after suspend and unplugging the USB would cause the system to crash (even when the external monitor was NOT the only active monitor.)

I have currently installed the latest 1.2.65 DisplayLink driver. The issue I am having is that the external monitor shows alternating magenta & cyan bars instead of the desktop. When I move the mouse through the screen it leaves traces of what the desktop should look like, similar to using an eraser tool. See screenshot.

Further, after installing the DisplayLink driver I began getting an internal error crash "unity control center signal 5 in xreply". See screenshot.

I have attached DisplayLink Support Tool outputs to this thread as well. The first was run immediately following installation of the driver. The second was run after I had repeatedly tried to get the display to work.

Please advise.

I undertook the following steps in this process:

Installed Displaylink Driver:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dkms
sudo ./displaylink-driver-1.2.65.run

Plugged in external monitor and got internal error "unity control center signal 5 in xreply"
unplugged monitor
plugged in monitor
Monitor is detected in Settings but has black screen
This did not change after turning screen on in settings.

Update/upgrade system:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
plugged in monitor, check settings, still black.
sudo reboot

On bootup with usb plugged in get alternating magenta/cyan bars. Unplug usb, plug back in, check settings, black screen.

sudo reboot
Bootup with usb unplugged,
plug in usb, go to settings, turn on monitor, get alternating magenta/cyan bars
Mouse creates traces of the desktop and leaves artifacts of the mouse pointer within in the bars.

sudo reboot

"internal error control center signal 5 in xreply"
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This device is not driven by the new Ubuntu driver that contains evdi and DLM (therefore, you don't need to install it). Instead, it's kernel inbox UDL driver that drives it.
If possible, check if you can replace the USB cable with a higher quality one.

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I have tried this with 2 different USB cords. Same result.

1) Can you please clarify on your response regarding the "kernel inbox UDL driver"? Is this something that comes by default in the OS? Or something I need to find and install?

2) Why did the device work fine with the 1.1.68 driver but does not work with the 1.2.65 driver?

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1.2.65, 16.04, ubuntu, usb monitor

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