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Default Macbook Pro 5 Screens....Now only 4. OSX 10.15


Before updating my Macbook Pro to Catalina 10.15 I was running 5 screens, now i lost one to mirroring. I have 2 USB DisplayLink adapters but seems like only one is working

5 screens = macbook pro screen + 4 external screens with the following --> HDMI, Lightning Port to HDMI Adapter, and then 2 USB DisplayLink adapters. It did not work flawlessly, as I had to reset my SMC (system management controller) before starting my computer every time by holding --> shift+control+option+power. Reseting the SMC allowed 5 screen use every-time.

The same SMC reset does not work now; one of my 4 external screens is now mirroring another...this only gives 4 screens as opposed to the 5 previously achieved. I have updated all drivers and allowed DisplayLink Kext to run. How do I achieve the 5 screens that I had before updating to Catalina 10.15 ?
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