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I was able to revert after using the uninstaller that came with 5.25, restarting, and then installing 5.25. I basically spent 4h troubleshooting the new version and reverting. Great.
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I have this same problem. Any update on when this fix will be resolved?

I cannot use the workaround. While my external displays work with MacBook lid closed when using 5.25, my MacBook display stay black when undocking my MacBook, which is rendered useless and requires me to do a forced shutdown and reboot to get it back to normal undocked. I also need access to my MacBook camera for meetings, and while docked on 5.25 this does not work. On the other hand, DisplayLink Manager 1.1 works great when docking and undocking, and raising lid for camera, etc, but unfortunately cannot close lid all the way due to this closing clamshell lid issue.

IMO, leaving the lid cracked open is less problematic to me than not being able to use camera, or undock without having to reboot. But best would be to get this fixed. Thanks.

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Default Clamshell support with 4k scaling on macOS BigSur?


I've just got a new D6000 thinking it was going to be a good option for USB3 support for my aging 2015 MacBook Pro before I update to the newer M2 16 inch later this year with USB-C support.

However, I need it to work with clamshell mode and I've only just discovered that it doesn't. Would have been nice if that was more upfront and transparent in the online documentation for the device regarding macOS support.

I'm using macOS Big Sur and I also need 4k scaling to work.

Is there any option for this to work with the D6000 or do I need to return it to the retailer and hope they'll take it as a return (I've already unboxed it etc.)

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Default Found a solution!

I was having the same problem ... I connected my Macbook to two external monitors via my Dell docking station using the Display Link Manager. I had no issues, both external monitors were working along with the Macbook, effectively giving me three screens. The issue I had is that as soon as I closed the Macbook lid both external monitors would go blank.

My work around this is as follows ...

(1) Close (quit) the Display Link Manager and disconnect Macbook from the Dell docking station. This means only the Macbook screen is on.

(2) Re-connect the Macbook to the Dell docking station which turns on one of the monitors. At this stage the Macbook screen and one external monitor are on.

(3) Close Macbook lid. At this stage only the one external monitor is on.

(4) Open the Display Link Manager which automatically turns the second external monitor on. Now both external monitors are working with the Macbook lid closed!

I hope I've explained this well enough, enjoy and good luck!
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Old 06-26-2021, 08:40 PM   #15
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I have just purchased a Targus Targus Universal USB-C DV4K Docking Station with 65W Power Delivery (DOCK310) and connected it to my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) with Intel chip on Big Sur 11.4 OS.

Downloaded DisplayLink Manager v1.4.0 (build 57.120). So far so good having both of external monitors working with my laptop giving me three monitors to use.

However when I just want to use the external monitors and I close my laptop, the external monitors starts to flicker.

Iíve come across a workaround but I donít want to compromise the quality of the battery life for my MacBook Pro.

Though I can continue working with leaving my laptop open, I prefer it to be close and just use the external monitors given my limited desk space while working from home. A fix for this would be appreciated.
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If your planning on keeping the 2018MBP then probably the easiest answer is to get a thunderbolt3 dock. If your using a 4k monitoring and want to run at 2560x1440 then this is the best way to go.

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