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Originally Posted by JakubDabrowski View Post
Dear users,

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum.

We are aware of this problem and are working on it. We were able to reproduce the issue in our office and our engineers are analyzing this problem.

Right now we have noticed that unplugging Ethernet cable from the docking station helps with sleep problems. We are not yet sure if that will be a final workaround in all cases but we are still testing and investigating this issue.

If you are able, please unplug your ETH cable from the docking station and verify.

Thank you for any further feedback you may share.

Kind regards,
Removing Ethernet port Worked. D6000 wakes up and everything works including USBs
Thank you for the support! Running M1with Big Sur 11.6.3 and Displaylink release 1.6
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I registered just to post this. I use Dell D6000 on Macbook M1 Pro (Sonoma 14.5) and my only one external monitor is not connecting after wake up very often. It drives me crazy as I need to unplug dock from Macbook and my battery cycle recharges on plug-in. Moreover, the screen sometimes doesn't connect and I need to reconnect the dock twice.... Any solution?

I'm already looking for another dock....
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Hi hollow,
At first glance, it looks like your problem is not related to the problems that were described here as the original thread.
I recommend you to check the connections and cables connecting the monitor to the docking station. If possible also try to use DisplayPort cables instead of HDMI. If you are still experiencing problems, then contact our technical support directly.
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