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Default Cannot extend windows desktop XP

Symptom: Whenever I try to extend my windows desktop onto the displaylink monitor through the display control panel or the displaylink system tray, the screen flashes off, then back on and everything looks the same as it did before.

Through the system tray I can either use Off or Mirror. The other options are there except screen resolution which is dimmed. The have the same symptom as listed above.


Setup: I use Windows XP SP3 on a acer netbook with the external VGA port (Intel GMA 945) as the primary monitor and another monitor through displaylink.

I have two different display adapters, a Startech HDMI and a Sewell DVI card. Two different things happen when I connect them.

1. Displaylink tray icon has a red ! and I get the error: Windows Cannot write to the specified device.
2. Everything looks fine in Device Manager. Sometimes it will say no device under Monitors, but that has made no impact.

1. USB device not Recognized in tray by windows
2. Unknown USB device and No Device (under monitors) in Device Manager
3. The displaylink mirror and graphics adapter look fine in Device Manager


I have:

- Uninstalled/reinstalled the Intel Video Drivers in safe mode and verified they are working
- Verified The built-in lcd primary monitor is disabled
- Uninstalled/reinstalled displaylink driver software with no devices connected, ran ccleaner in between reinstall
- Rebooted waaay too many times

I also want to mention this was working fine and I could use every feature of the device, even making the Displayling monitor the primary one. One day the PC froze and I had to do a hard reboot. Since then I have the same symptom (will not extend the windows desktop) no matter what I try.
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