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Default Passthrough with the hot-desk drivers fail if MAC starts with 00

Hi all, i found a problem with the corporate drivers with hot-desk if the MAC of the NIC starts with 00.

When you enable MACAddressPassthrough in the registry, the driver will select a NIC and set the MAC of that NIC in the MacAddressOverride automatically.

If the MAC of the NIC starts with 00 ( e.g. 00:AA:BB:CC: DD:EE ), the driver will set the value of the MacAddressOverride to "0AABBCCDDEE", which misses the leading zero.

then the passthrough will not work.

same behaviour happens when you use the "non hot-desk" drivers and set the MacAddressOverride key manually.

if you enter the complete MAC ( 00AABBCCDDEE ) the passthrough works as intended.

if you remove the first zero (0AABBCCDDEE ) the passthrough fails.

So if the hot-desk drivers added that missing zero so it sets a complete MAC address the problem will be fixed.

Grtz Erik
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