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Default Laptop slowness when connected with a docking station certified by DisplayLink

My setup:

An Asus laptop running Win 8.1 Enterprise with 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7, nVidia Geforce GTX850 DDR3 4GB RAM, HDD 1TB + SSD 256GB.

This configuration is running smooth and I don't have any problems with the laptop. But at work I plug it in this docking station/hub. In the hub I plug:

a keyboard
a LCD display through DVI
a LCD display through VGA=>HDMI adapter
It ran pretty well for about three months. But lately I get these episodes when the OS gets very slow. Most of the times I restart the explorer task and it seems to work ok after. But these episodes are happening more often and I really don't know how to debug it. I tried to exclude applications, Skype being the primary suspect, but I didn't get any results.

Then I saw in Task Manager that DisplayLinkManager Application and Desktop Window Manager were the highest CPU consuming processes. I tried:
  • updating DisplayLink and graphic card drivers
  • all the stepts on this page
  • the same hub with another laptop - it works
  • the same hub with another laptop, same model - it has the same problem

This forum is my last resort, I will get rid of the hub if I don't find any solution because I lose 1-2 hours every day with it.

PS: I've created the logs as I saw other users do but I don't really feel confortable posting them in an open forum. Is there a DisplayLink support address I can send it to?
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