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Version 6.5 of the driver software which was recently released cured the performance issues for me. Please try updating to that (or subsequent) version!
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Do you mean 5.6?
I see no 6.5 driver for Ubuntu on Synaptics website.

Which DisplayLink chipset are you using?
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Default Debian 11.4 / Lid open

Hello everyone, I'm here for the same behavior, but it just happens (if you are using a laptop) when you disable your screen with xrandr or close your lid

if you leave your laptop screen on, set your external monitor as primary and leave your laptop open, it does not show any lag o delay even if your CPU still shows that displaylink is eating one of your cores

Is not ideal, and definitely the main purpose of the using of some displaylink device is have your laptop closed, but for now it works
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Default Confirm bad performance

Can confirm bad performance about 140% CPU usage - have done a couple of updates now and I am also up to date on firmware updates.

DisplayLink Drivers 5.6.1
Using debian 11.4
Dell Latitude i7
Dual Monitors 1440p

It gets worse when "activity" happens.

Disabling the laptop monitor did not help unfortunately.
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Old 08-27-2022, 01:48 PM   #15
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Exclamation Driver performance Status

Hi ,

We were wondering if we resell display link products because I think that for laptops that have only one VGA output , it can be a good solution

But then if it brings so much performance problems and make it unusable , we won't dig more ...

Anybody can confirm that it is still unusable on Ubuntu 22?04 ? either on wayland or Xorg ?

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Old 08-29-2022, 05:59 AM   #16
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Well, yes it eats CPU if you have high res monitor and doing something graphics intensive, like watching youtube in full screen. I think it makes sense in daily office / coding work, but for graphics intense applications it's probably better with another docking solution. I've had the Dell D6000 couple of years now and under Linux there were some hickups and most are corrected now. Don't know about the new DL chipsets but probably I would choose another docking solution when I'll upgrade. For now, it serves the purpose for me, one cable to do everything incl. power supply and when I am doing something that is more graphics intense I live with the fan noise.
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high cpu load, intel, nvidia, ubuntu 20.04

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