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Unhappy D6000 not recognized correctly on M1 Air

Hi everyone!

I just bought a used Dell D6000 to be able to use 2 external monitors, however when I connect the dock to the Mac, it gets recognized (partially) only after a 3-4 retries.
Most of the time the orange LED turns off when I connect it to the Mac and doesn't recognize any devices connected to the dock.
After a few retries, the LED turns white and a selection of USB devices starts to work. (iPhone, keyboard, mouse but external HDD does not). Ethernet, 3.5 jack and displays does not work. It starts to charge the Mac every time, so that part works.

Tried updating the firmware on the dock to the latest one, updated successfully but still does the same thing.
Tried both v1.8 and v1.8.1 of the DisplayLink manager but no displays detected.
The connected USB devices in System Information is weird because only the controller and a different USB 2.1 hub is detected, nothing else.

I also tried it on an older Windows laptop (~2012) with the USB-A adapter but it does the same thing. Installed the DisplayLink driver but only a few USB devices gets recognized, no Ethernet, 3.5 Jack, displays and no USB Display Adapter in the Video Adapters section in Device Manager.

Going to try on newer computers later this week but getting anxious that the dock is broken or something. The previous owner says that he used the Ethernet and USB ports previously, did not use the DisplayLink part, so hopefully the dock is fine.

My Mac is on Ventura 13.3.
Is the DisplayLink part of the dock in connection with the other problems like Ethernet or USB?

I'm also attaching logs as well.

Thank you in advance for any reply!



Windows logs:

Update about USB ports: Only USB 2.0 devices work, 3.0 devices don't

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Lots of people having issues since upgrading to Ventura 13.3 - it is an Apple issue it might appear.

Displaylink need to release a driver fix for this, or Apple patch 13.3.1??
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I understand that and saw the posts about it but does it explain the ethernet/headphone jack not working or does the same thing on Windows, too (well, tried only on 1 laptop)?
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d6000, mac m1, not detected, not recognized

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