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Default Targus USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Station + Dell XPS 14 >> was working, now not....

I have a Targus USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Station connected to my Dell XPS 14, which is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. The Targus was sold to me by Dell for this laptop.

I have two Samsung SyncMaster 2443BW displays attached, one directly to the DVI port on the Targus, the other through the supplied HDMI>DVI adaptor. Both monitors are known to be working.

When the Targus was first connected, everything worked fine. One day, the two displays simply stopped working, and the NIC. I went through every disagnostic I could think of, including the stuff in http://kb.displaylink.com/323. Device Manager shows the USB Display Adapters line, as well as the two entries under it. Clicking on 'Properties' insists that all devices are working properly. Scanning for hardware changes does nothing. The DisplayLink icon does not show in the tray. Running the executable directly simply gives me a message saying that the drivers are up to date.

I assumed the Targus device was faulty, and - stupidly - bought a second one. Same symptoms right out of the box.

Now what do I do? (other than demanding my money back, which is my next step)
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OK, it's working now, so I'm posting what happened in case it is of help to others....

My Dell XPS 14 has two USB 3.0 ports: one is a 'regular' port and the other has 'PowerShare'. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that when I had the Targus unit working originally, it was plugged in to the regular USB 3.0 port. When it stopped working, I know I would have switched ports to see if that was the problem.

Which is what I did just now. The Targus was plugged in to the PowerShare USB 3.0 port. I unplugged it from that port, wondering if some feature of the PowerShare was interfering with the power supply to the Targus. To be sure, I also unplugged the 5V power adapter from the Targus. I let it all sit for a few minutes, then plugged the 5V power adapter back into the Targus, and then plugged the USB 3.0 cable into the 'regular' USB 3.0 port on the XPS 14.

Voila! A bunch of messages appeared saying it was configuring my dock for first time use, the screens both flickered several times, and then suddenly they both came to life.

So, it's working. And I'm not about to try putting the cable back into the PowerShare port to see if that was the problem :-)

But this still doesn't explain why it quit working in the first place. And I'm still p'd off that there isn't any kind of user control for this device.
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Default Same issue

I had exactly the same issue last week. When I came home and plugged the XPS 14 in, the display would not work. All other connected devices worked. I ended up swapping the display link with another one in the office. Plugged everything in and it acted like it was the first time and reinstalled the software and all was well. Left town again, used the computer without the display link - and this morning I turn it on and what happens - no display. After reading this post, i have no idea which port is which but I tried just unplugging the displaylink and waiting a minute. When I plugged it back in - everything worked fine after it automatically reinstalled everything.

Obviously there is something going on that only a hard power off reset of the displaylink fixes. But at least I have a fix for the time being.
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This can be due to the older firmware in the dock. When the dock first connects to the PC, the firmware will be updated to a newer version to match the software on the PC. This updated firmware can fix USB 3.0 compatibility issues aswell as connect/disconnect issues.

Connecting the dock to a USB 2.0 first should allow the dock to update the firmware (as USB 2.0 is more mature and reliable). Once the firmware is updated (you'll see a message pop up to say the firmware is being updated), it should be possible to connect it to the USB 3.0 ports.

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dell, dell xps 14, not recognized, targus

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